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Charles Butler chazzer3332000 at YAHOO.COM
Wed May 2 17:54:23 UTC 2007

Valerie, this is great, it really did clarify this discussion in a major way.  When fingerspelling turns to signatures, it really changes orientation.

It was like your discovery of the "autonomic" change that happens with signs like "1989" where without looking at a video a person "thinks" that they sign all the numbers upright, when the 8 tends to flip over because of rhythm.

nineteen eighty nine

Valerie Sutton <signwriting at MAC.COM> wrote: SignWriting List
May 2, 2007

> kjoanne403 at wrote:
> Here are my two best suggestions for rewriting my name sign... I  
> personally like the first one best. Our discussion on the list got  
> me re-evaluating how I see the sign... I always look at it from the  
> top, so I think the top-view handshapes are the most appropriate. I  
> may have used the wrong rotation symbol again on the second sign...  
> I'm not sure... but those are the more appropriate palm facings if  
> you're looking at it from the front view. (I think...) ;-)

Hello Kelly Jo!

and hello to Stefan, Charles, Anny, Adam and everyone who contributed  
yesterday ;-)

Thank you for this message, Kelly Jo, showing us the new versions of  
your name sign!

And thanks to everyone yesterday for a lively and interesting  
discussion...I really enjoyed it ;-)

I appreciate everyone's comments and I learned from them ;-)

For me ... I like your two new versions (see pasted below)... The  
palm facing is much easier to read for me ;-)

The white palm is what is seen from the Front View in the second one,  
and the first one is showing the overhead view of the white palm as  
the second ending position of the J movement ...and the rotation  
symbols are good too ;-) For me these are easier to read and produce!!

If the second one is showing the beginning position of the J  
movement, then normally, the Rotation Symbol would be placed after  
the beginning this...(see below)...which is similar  
to the standard way we write J when we are writing just  
fingerspelling...but I am not asking you to change anything...just  
giving you feedback, and whatever you choose is fine...:-)

Thanks again for sharing with us...

and thank you Stefan, for creating the chart with our Sign Names!...I  
hope you can post the chart with some photos to the List when you  
have a will be fun to see the chart looks great...;-)

Val ;-)

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