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K.J. Boal kjoanne403 at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed May 2 18:05:30 UTC 2007

Thanks, Val... I really enjoyed yesterday's discussion too!  The J in both 
signs is actually showing the end position, which is why I placed the 
movement symbol where I did... but either way, I prefer the first one! :-)  
And thanks again to everyone who made comments and suggestions yesterday - I 
really appreciate them.

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>Subject: Re: [sw-l] Sign Names
>Date: Wed, 2 May 2007 10:43:14 -0700
>SignWriting List
>May 2, 2007
>>kjoanne403 at wrote:
>>Here are my two best suggestions for rewriting my name sign... I  
>>personally like the first one best. Our discussion on the list got  me 
>>re-evaluating how I see the sign... I always look at it from the  top, so 
>>I think the top-view handshapes are the most appropriate. I  may have used 
>>the wrong rotation symbol again on the second sign...  I'm not sure... but 
>>those are the more appropriate palm facings if  you're looking at it from 
>>the front view. (I think...) ;-)

><< Picture1.png >>

>Hello Kelly Jo!
>and hello to Stefan, Charles, Anny, Adam and everyone who contributed  
>yesterday ;-)
>Thank you for this message, Kelly Jo, showing us the new versions of  your 
>name sign!
>And thanks to everyone yesterday for a lively and interesting  
>discussion...I really enjoyed it ;-)
>I appreciate everyone's comments and I learned from them ;-)
>For me ... I like your two new versions (see pasted below)... The  palm 
>facing is much easier to read for me ;-)
>The white palm is what is seen from the Front View in the second one,  and 
>the first one is showing the overhead view of the white palm as  the second 
>ending position of the J movement ...and the rotation  symbols are good too 
>;-) For me these are easier to read and produce!!

><< Picture1.png >>

>If the second one is showing the beginning position of the J  movement, 
>then normally, the Rotation Symbol would be placed after  the beginning 
> this...(see below)...which is similar  to the standard way 
>we write J when we are writing just  fingerspelling...but I am not asking 
>you to change anything...just  giving you feedback, and whatever you choose 
>is fine...:-)

><< fingerspelling.png >>

>Thanks again for sharing with us...
>and thank you Stefan, for creating the chart with our Sign Names!...I  hope 
>you can post the chart with some photos to the List when you  have a 
> will be fun to see the chart looks great...;-)
>Val ;-)

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