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>Before I make my comments on this, I can see your writing skills improving
>vastly. It is very exciting to see your writing. :-)

Thanks, Adam!

>The very first sign, I am guessing, was hard for you to see what she was
>doing because my trained video eyes saw something different than what you
>wrote (although it is very close for lack of clarity). :-)

You're absolutely right: I knew she was doing something but I had no idea 

>She is spelling
>out SO. At first, I thought that she was doing it with both hands, but it
>turns out that her non-dominate hand is just up in a relaxed position. I
>don't know if she is prepping for the next sign, or if she was going to 
>something else and changed it at last minute. (To be honest, I don't know 
>Darlene would be able to tell you if we asked her right now. Ha!) But that
>is what she is doing here in the video.

Ahh... yes, I see.  I did have a lot of trouble seeing what she was doing.  
Thank you! :-)

>Now, you mentioned about that the sign for "fairy" was giving you problems.
>First off, you picked the right symbols. However, I need to correct you 
>like I have needed to correct others before. There is no "right and left"
>handshapes. All of the palm facings are possible for both the left and 
>hand. There are just less commonly used palm facing for the right hand 
>more for the left, and visa versa.

Okay, thanks. :-)  Good to know!

>Now about the writing. The initial
>handshape for "fairy" should be rotated a little in to match the video
>(although it is very minor). More importantly is that the rotation arrows
>should be changed.

Those give me so much trouble... and I know I'm not the only one!

>You have it so that the hands are moving as if you would
>be signing "open-door" which is VERY hard to do here. :-) It should be the
>rotation that would be used for signing "open-door-out."

You're quite right... my mistake!

>The sign after "fairy" has a brow raise in the video followed by a pause.

You're right... topic marker... I have the brow raise in my handwritten 
notes, but obviously I forgot to put it into SignText!  Oops...

>I saw the facial expression and the sign in the last column as one sign.

I saw those as separate: the one-hand showed the first fairy approaching the 
baby, and then she reacted to seeing Princess Aurora.

>Just some of my comments on this part that you have done. :-)

And I thank you for them! :-)
>On 4/30/07, kjoanne403 at <kjoanne403 at> wrote:
>>Hi again everyone -
>>I had some trouble with the sign for "fairy"... I've actually ended up
>>using a left-hand symbol for the right hand and vice versa because
>>(intuitively) I needed the end-position fingers pointing the opposite
>>direction from the beginning-position fingers... that may technically be a
>>mistake. Thoughts?
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>>feb5bbfacb19e8a3564e5a16bc643c8e = feb5bbfacb19e8a3564e5a16bc643c8e

><< SO.png >>

><< Fairy.png >>

><< open-door.png >>

><< open-door-out.png >>

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