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Ah, I see... boy, I really need to start trusting my first impressions!!!  I 
have it right in my handwritten notes, but when I was putting it into 
SignText, I remember thinking that the movement is similar to the letter 
"J", so I changed it to the same rotation symbol.  Thanks for the correction 
and clarification!


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>I see what you mean by rotations are your weakness. :-) They used to be 
>too until Val was able to clarify them for me. The double stem and single
>stem in the rotation mean just the same as they do with arrows. In the 
>and last sign in the second column, you have the arm rotation parallel to
>the wall, but the hand parallel to the floor. I am guessing that you want 
>have the rotation parallel to the floor like you have the hand. ;-) That
>would be the single stem rotation. I attached an example of the sign with
>the correct arrows.
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>>One more to come... by the way, is there a way to get out of SignMail and
>>back to SignPuddle 1.5 without going through three or four links? A link
>>on this page similar to the umbrella logo?
>>Load message into SignText
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