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Thu May 3 21:24:00 UTC 2007

I guess for me, I'd write it with half/hands, because then the fingers point toward each other.  I tend, and maybe I learned it wrong, to put the closing arrow with the point of closure at the end point, so my "close hands" may be the wrong shape.  I wrote both hand positions because it didn't look like a standard "3" to me but one with the thumb pointing out. 

It is awkward to follow the rules absolutely when the hands don't show up as pointing toward each other if you show them as palm up and palm down.  I tend to want to show the palm facing as the back of the palms, not the fingers, so that if it's pointing down, then the top half of the square would be black not the left side of the square.  

If we take away the first handshapes, and just concentrate on the closure point, it might work. 



Valerie Sutton <signwriting at> wrote: SignWriting List
May 3, 2007

Thank you, Anny for this question. I am so happy there is a video  
link to see the sign!

And once again, not an easy sign to write at all ;-))

Of course, that is why you are asking the question to begin with - ha!

I hope others will look at the video too, and write the way they  
would write it ...not just me...

I need all of your help too...the feedback is invaluable for all of  

I will prepare my version, and I hope others will too...

Val ;-)


On May 3, 2007, at 1:13 PM, Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod wrote:

dear Val,

I' m not sure about how to write the movement of the sign /ESTOMAC/          --->  
estomac (stomach)....

how should one position the small arrows heads... in the lessons (on  
the net)  the arrow pointing down means closing... and the arrow  
pointing up means opening..... but I'm not sure it's used this way !!

can you tell me if the way I wrote this sign is correct....  (if I follow the lessons... the small arrow heads on top point down  
for closing) but i'd rather write it


could you explain the arrow heads... and give some example on when to  
use which...



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