Sleeping Beauty page 12

Adam Frost adam at FROSTVILLAGE.COM
Fri May 4 19:55:14 UTC 2007

I see the first handshape as a claw rather than the C. I also see it as a
up-out movement rather than just the up movement.

First sign in column four was signed rather quickly and somewhat relaxed, so
I can see that you missed handshape. It is not a C, but a flat hand for the
sign "KNOW" which, in the way it is used here, is like saying "You know,
that thing with the wheel..."

You are right that the next sign should have a bigger circle, but I am not
sure how to do that with the current symbol set that we have. And you are
also right that it needs a slow dynamic, but that is my top of the list
weakness that I am working on right now. Val? ;-)

The next sign, the C hand should be more of a claw, but not exactly. I can't
remember, but I think that there is a symbol that was made to show the claw
hand with the pinky to the index progressively from close to claw. I will
have to look for it. Also, I think that the palm facing should be rotated in
from what you have. But I think that the movement you wrote for this sign is
a good choice. I will have to play at SignText and try a writing. :-)

The next sign has a rotation of the dominate hand before the contact. The is
a relaxed production of the sign "MAKE." I will send you what I mean when I
send the other writing I mentioned previously.

Finally, the second to the last sign actually starts on the dominate side of
the head and moves forward-non dominate, but looks like it is on the
non-dominate side because the "evil fairy" is signing to the baby.

Hope this helps. :-) I really enjoy reading your draft. I will send the
writings that I promised and look at the next page as soon as I can. Right
now I have to go. So it may be a while, but I will get it done.


On 5/3/07, kjoanne403 at <kjoanne403 at> wrote:
> Another long one... but I couldn't find a good spot for a sentence break!
> :-)
> 7 signs from the end is miming pulling a rope toward oneself
> hand-over-hand. That one gave me some trouble, and I'm still not certain
> whether I should be using circular arrows instead of straight back with the
> reciprocal-motion ties. (Those are reciprocal-motion, right?)
> The sign right before that one, showing the spinning wheel, might need
> something more than what I've put in. The motion is much larger than normal,
> and slow, but I'm not sure of the dynamics symbols for that.
> Comments or other questions? :-)
> KJ
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