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Thanks again for your feedback Adam!  Please scroll down...

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>I see the first handshape as a claw rather than the C. I also see it as a
>up-out movement rather than just the up movement.

I personally sign it with a claw handshape and an up-out movement, but 
that's not what I saw when I looked closely at the video... it's not so much 
an up-out movement as a rotation from the elbow, and I'm not sure what to 
make of that.

>First sign in column four was signed rather quickly and somewhat relaxed, 
>I can see that you missed handshape. It is not a C, but a flat hand for the
>sign "KNOW" which, in the way it is used here, is like saying "You know,
>that thing with the wheel..."

Ah, yes... I get it!  Again, writing "phonetically" instead of what the sign 
actually means... you're right, though, I didn't understand the sign when I 
was watching it.

>You are right that the next sign should have a bigger circle, but I am not
>sure how to do that with the current symbol set that we have. And you are
>also right that it needs a slow dynamic, but that is my top of the list
>weakness that I am working on right now. Val? ;-)
>The next sign, the C hand should be more of a claw, but not exactly. I 
>remember, but I think that there is a symbol that was made to show the claw
>hand with the pinky to the index progressively from close to claw. I will
>have to look for it. Also, I think that the palm facing should be rotated 
>from what you have. But I think that the movement you wrote for this sign 
>a good choice. I will have to play at SignText and try a writing. :-)

I'm looking forward to seeing it! ;-)

>The next sign has a rotation of the dominate hand before the contact. The 
>a relaxed production of the sign "MAKE." I will send you what I mean when I
>send the other writing I mentioned previously.

This sign I did recognize as a "lazy" version of MAKE.  I didn't see the 
rotation, though... my screen is so small, and when I enlarge the picture it 
becomes so blurred, that I have trouble with the faster signs.

>Finally, the second to the last sign actually starts on the dominate side 
>the head and moves forward-non dominate, but looks like it is on the
>non-dominate side because the "evil fairy" is signing to the baby.

It does?  I knew she meant to sign WILL, which I know is on the dominant 
side of the head, but it looked like her hand was so far to the non-dominant 
side from the previous sign that she didn't bring it all the way back over 
for this sign.

>Hope this helps. :-) I really enjoy reading your draft. I will send the
>writings that I promised and look at the next page as soon as I can. Right
>now I have to go. So it may be a while, but I will get it done.

Thanks Adam!  I'm looking forward to seeing them!


>On 5/3/07, kjoanne403 at <kjoanne403 at> wrote:
>>Another long one... but I couldn't find a good spot for a sentence break!
>>7 signs from the end is miming pulling a rope toward oneself
>>hand-over-hand. That one gave me some trouble, and I'm still not certain
>>whether I should be using circular arrows instead of straight back with 
>>reciprocal-motion ties. (Those are reciprocal-motion, right?)
>>The sign right before that one, showing the spinning wheel, might need
>>something more than what I've put in. The motion is much larger than 
>>and slow, but I'm not sure of the dynamics symbols for that.
>>Comments or other questions? :-)
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