ASL sign for DO or DO-DO?

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Sat May 5 16:24:55 UTC 2007

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May 5, 2007

> On May 4, 2007, at 5:37 PM, kjoanne403 at HOTMAIL.COM wrote:
> I wasn't sure quite how to write the "do-do" sign, so this is my  
> best guess on it... I'm not sure it really shows that the index  
> finger touches the others. I think that's the main thing that gave  
> me trouble on this one. Well, that and the beginning sequence, the  
> first three signs. Everyone was reeling in shock after the evil  
> fairy left; it's obvious when you watch it on video, but tough to  
> write!

Hello Kelly Jo!
Thanks for this question.

If you go into the ASL Dictionary SignPuddle on the web:

and search for the sign for DO or DO-DO?

You will find several spellings...most are not following the rules  
(grin) but some are!

For example, here is one I would use, because this is a Finger  
Movement, and with Finger Movements we write the result of our  
action, or the Position of Contact with the fingers...A little like  
the sign for PRINT, or BIRD, the sign for DO is like that movement:

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It is possible that Darline used a different handshape...and that is  
fine...but the actual finger movement is a CLOSE-CLOSE related to the  
ending position...or write both the beginning and the end positions  
and then you have no need to even use the Finger Movement Symbols...

Great to see you writing so much!

Val ;-)

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