ASL sign for DO or DO-DO?

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>May 5, 2007
>>On May 4, 2007, at 5:37 PM, kjoanne403 at HOTMAIL.COM wrote:
>>I wasn't sure quite how to write the "do-do" sign, so this is my  best 
>>guess on it... I'm not sure it really shows that the index  finger touches 
>>the others. I think that's the main thing that gave  me trouble on this 
>>one. Well, that and the beginning sequence, the  first three signs. 
>>Everyone was reeling in shock after the evil  fairy left; it's obvious 
>>when you watch it on video, but tough to  write!
>Hello Kelly Jo!
>Thanks for this question.
>If you go into the ASL Dictionary SignPuddle on the web:
>and search for the sign for DO or DO-DO?
>You will find several spellings...most are not following the rules  (grin) 
>but some are!
>For example, here is one I would use, because this is a Finger  Movement, 
>and with Finger Movements we write the result of our  action, or the 
>Position of Contact with the fingers...A little like  the sign for PRINT, 
>or BIRD, the sign for DO is like that movement:

><< Picture1.png >>

>It is possible that Darline used a different handshape...and that is  
>fine...but the actual finger movement is a CLOSE-CLOSE related to the  
>ending position...or write both the beginning and the end positions  and 
>then you have no need to even use the Finger Movement Symbols...
>Great to see you writing so much!
>Val ;-)
Thank you for this answer, Val!

The sign DO-DO is actually, as far as I know, never signed with the same 
handshape as BIRD or 20; the thumb and the middle finger always touch.  I 
may rewrite it with the index and middle fingers making a loop with the 
thumb, because that is the end position... I don't want to write both the 
beginning and end positions because that would end up being four symbols for 
each hand - eight symbols in all... that's just too much for one little 

Thanks again for the feedback! :-)

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