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May 5, 2007

>> On May 5, 2007, at 12:35 AM, Sandy Fleming wrote:

>> When the user selects to draw an arm, the computer decides on a  
>> probable
>> position for the elbow and draws the forearm from the wrist of the  
>> hand
>> to the elbow, and an upper arm from the elbow to the shoulder. It  
>> then
>> allows the user to drag the elbow into the position he really  
>> wants with
>> the mouse (or by using the arrow keys), and the arm lines move  
>> with it,
>> while saying attached to the wrist and shoulder.


This sounds terrific, Sandy!

I am happy there are programmers like yourself to make this all  

And I like the program you already has promise and I am  
interested in finding funding for it...

When it comes to the arms and legs, I see that as a Full-Body  
computerization for DanceWriting, Skateboard writing, and the entire  
system, rather than just for SignWriting, which has limited use of  
arm there are two worlds...SignWriting...and full Movement  

The IMWA was never meant to be used by programmers in its full form,  
believe it or not...

It was a big closet for me to store all the symbols...I assumed it  
would be honed down by programmers...

But Steve made it possible for us to use it immediately and that was  
a wonderful helps all of us be able to discuss this I am grateful for SignPuddle's use of the IMWA as it is  
now. But we must move forward to a cleaner symbolset just for signed  
languages, and we all know that.

SignWriter DOS never included all those rotations and flops...I only  
entered four out of 16 in the SignWriter DOS symbol editor program  
that Rich Gleaves devised, and the rest was done with programming by  
Rich Gleaves. He programmed all the flops and rotations for the  
symbols. But it was very complex and not simple at all...because not  
all symbols flop and rotate the there was one programming  
exception after the other...But then Rich left for a job that paid  
him at Qualcomm...totally understandable!....and I was left with an  
old program that was not up-to-date and it did not include all the I started a big closet for the IMWA without any  
programming involved...just a big closet for all the symbols...

So I was dealing with my circumstances as they were at the time...

I am very grateful to all of you, for programming with all these  
symbols...and whatever you devise to improve the situation is  
absolutely wonderful...

I love your idea about drawing the arms and legs Sandy - I think your  
program has great promise and hopefully we can move forward  
together...maybe we can get you funding to program from the European  
Community...there is a movement toward finding European funding now  
for SignWriting...but maybe we can find funding for programming  
DanceWriting and Full Body writing too...

Your program with the legs and arm writing, would help us enormously  
with DanceWriting and other Full-Body the attached  
Skateboard writing. For DanceWriting, I am being driven crazy by all  
the possible arm and leg configurations, so your solution sounds  
excellent to me! I am interested in getting a way to write a stick  
figure easily by computer, that is not necessarily required for  
SignWriting, but is required for Full-Body writing...

See attached...

Let's find you some funding...

  Val  ;-)

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