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Jonathan duncanjonathan at YAHOO.CA
Tue May 22 22:59:07 UTC 2007

Valerie Sutton wrote:
> SignWriting List
> May 5, 2007
> The IMWA was never meant to be used by programmers in its full form,
> believe it or not...
> It was a big closet for me to store all the symbols...I assumed it
> would be honed down by programmers...
    Talking about honing down the symbols, I have a question about some
of the arrows. Some arrows for example are shown twice.  Like
02-03-001-01-01-01 and 02-03-001-01-01-09.  They both look identical . 
I  was  wondering why  2 of each of they symbol?  Do they have different
meanings for sorting? Now that they are part of IMWA 1.3 I am not saying
that we should do away with them.  Well I guess we could for the next
version of the ISWA then program which symbol to show for the arrows of
the older documents for rotations 09-16.
    The main reason I was asking was that I was thinking of only showing
the users of my program the top 8 rotations for them to use. I see that
rotations 09-16 are the mirrored versions of rotations 01-08.  But I
wasn't sure if there might be another reason for them being there that I
haven't realized yet.
> But Steve made it possible for us to use it immediately and that was a
> wonderful helps all of us be able to discuss this
> I am grateful for SignPuddle's use of the IMWA as it is
> now. But we must move forward to a cleaner symbolset just for signed
> languages, and we all know that.
> SignWriter DOS never included all those rotations and flops...I only
> entered four out of 16 in the SignWriter DOS symbol editor program
> that Rich Gleaves devised, and the rest was done with programming by
> Rich Gleaves. He programmed all the flops and rotations for the
> symbols. But it was very complex and not simple at all...because not
> all symbols flop and rotate the there was one programming
> exception after the other...But then Rich left for a job that paid him
> at Qualcomm...totally understandable!....and I was left with an old
> program that was not up-to-date and it did not include all the
> I started a big closet for the IMWA without any
> programming involved...just a big closet for all the symbols...
The big closet of IMWA PNG files is actually a good thing. It was the
right place to start.   They are program independent. Programmers can
just use the ones he wants and program the flips and flops or just use
all of them like I am doing in my project.  I have loaded them into a
database, they take up less space on the hard drive and are faster for
the program to load.


> So I was dealing with my circumstances as they were at the time...
> I am very grateful to all of you, for programming with all these
> symbols...and whatever you devise to improve the situation is
> absolutely wonderful...
>  Val  ;-)


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