DO or DO-DO?

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>On May 5, 2007, at 3:45 PM, kjoanne403 at HOTMAIL.COM wrote:
>>Here's my second attempt, following the rules (I think)... but, can  you 
>>tell that it's the index finger closing twice and not the  middle finger?
>Hello Kelly Jo -
>I agree that the second attempt doesn't look like it either and that  is 
>fine...we can find different let's keep trying...

><< Picture2.png >>

>I believe the base hand is probably a D Hand or possible a Baby-D? I  have 
>not looked at the video yet...but as you know there are several  ways to 
>sign that...not everyone takes it from a D base, like  Philip's writing 
>from SignPuddle takes it from a square fist base too  (see attached)...but 
>I bet in this case it comes from a D  Hand?...that would be a circle 
>base... (continued next message)...

><< Picture1.png >>

Hi Val,

The base hand should technically be a D Hand, but the way Darline actually 
signs it on the video, the base hand has the ring and pinky fingers tucked 
right in, and the thumb touching the middle finger - the handshape I chose 
in my original writing.  I think Philip's square fist base is the clearest 
for writing, but I actually don't know anyone who signs it that way... the 
way Darline signed it is the way I usually see, and when someone is signing 
carefully (as in when they're teaching a class or something), I generally 
see the full D hand.


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