DO or DO-DO?

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>Subject: Re: [sw-l] DO or DO-DO?
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>Hi Kelly Jo -
>I see your original Do-Do was from a Baby-D base...that is good! (see  

><< Picture3.png >>

>I suspect we need another symbol in the IMWA to make the ending  position 
>look right...(see attached)

><< Picture4.png >>

>Essentially you need a constructed symbol like this, which you can  build 
>yourself if you wanted to, using finger lines ;-)
>We certainly know what you meant are limited by the symbolset  right 
>So if you don't want to change your writing right now that is fine too!
>Thanks for your question!
>Val ;-)
>PS. I actually think that the middle and thumb are more like an oval  
>rather than a circle, and the index finger is straight..that is an  unusual 
Hi again Val,

An unusual handshape, but a very commonly-used sign; we definitely need a 
good writing for it!  I agree, the middle & thumb are more like an oval (I'd 
call it a Closed Baby D), and the index finger is relaxed, not exactly 
straight... in fact, the whole hand is about as relaxed as it gets for this 
particular sign, which is why the middle & thumb are oval rather than 
circle.  But the relaxation isn't vital for the sign; as I say, when 
someone's teaching it they often teach a full D hand.  In real production, 
it usually relaxes to a Closed Baby D - or actually, the thumb touches the 
first knuckle of the middle finger, and the other two fingers form a relaxed 
fist while the relaxed first finger closes twice!

I'd like to go with the Baby D Hand... I just wish there was a way of 
showing the index closing so that you know it's the index. :-)

Anyway, as you say, the sign is readable as is... I'm going on to the next 
video, and worry about clean-up later. :-)

This next video (#6) is going to be tough... I've taken a look at it, and 
I'm having a hard time reading some of it.  Could some of you out there 
maybe send me a summary of what you see going on in this video?  I think 
I've got most of it... the first fingerspelled word she does, is that EVIL?  
Her hand is in front of her face and there's not enough contrast for me to 
see it clearly.  And what's that part about age 16?  I get that Princess 
Aurora is taken out to the middle of the woods and raised by a good fairy, 
who raises her and teaches her lessons... and the evil fairy is waiting and 
remembering her evil spell, waiting for the princess to prick her finger and 
die at the age of 16, and wondering who is teaching her and where but can't 
find her... am I essentially correct?  Adam? :-)


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