pulling thread off a weaving machine ;-)

K.J. Boal kjoanne403 at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue May 8 02:26:42 UTC 2007

>From: "Valerie Sutton" <signwriting at MAC.COM>
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>Subject: Re: [sw-l] pulling thread off a weaving machine ;-)
>Date: Sun, 6 May 2007 14:29:04 -0700
>This is obviously a work in progress - ha!
>Fun trying different writings....;-)
>Here is your writing...

><< Picture1.png >>

>and here are two attempts by me...I will leave this to both of you  now...

><< Picture4.png >>

That last one is interesting... I'm not sure I'd know what it meant if I 
were trying to read it, but it's interesting! :-)

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