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Check it out, I have added the links.


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Cherie -
If you ever get a chance to do more on the Wiki article (and if you  
cannot I understand)...

You know the links at the bottom of the article that refer people to  
other related topics?

Can you add a link to SignBank and SignPuddle Online? Many thanks for  
all this...


SignPuddle Online

Val ;-)

PS. SignBank 8.5 is coming ...I have not forgotten!


On May 19, 2007, at 8:32 AM, Valerie Sutton wrote:

> SignWriting List
> May 19, 2007
> Cherie Wren wrote:
>> I have been playing with Wikipedia...  check out the article on  
>> SignWriting and see if anything needs to be changed.  I rewrote  
>> the section on basic principles, and added some images of stuff I  
>> wrote.
>> cherie
> ----------
> Hello Cherie!
> This is wonderful. THANK YOU. The old article needed improvement...  
> And I really like what you have said....This is so much better than  
> before...
> I there a way to actually show the handshapes in  
> SignWriting while you are discussing them?..For example, when you  
> mention the square for a fist, it could link to:
> Handshapes.html
> The term "pentagon shape" ....I have no clue what a pentagon looks  
> like....So the more visual you make it the better...or link to  
> diagrams on the web...
> But what you have done is really good...Can you place a paragraph  
> about SignPuddle Software and link to it?
> We actually need a separate Wikipedia article about SignPuddle  
> Software too...people need to know where to go to search for signs  
> already written, and how to create signs themselves on the web...
> And I think your link to your SignWriting document is perfect!
> Maybe a Wikipedia article about SignWriting Literature, linking to  
> all the documents written in SignWriting would be a good idea too...
> Thank you once again, Cherie!
> Val ;-)

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