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In order to add any images, you have to determine a license and upload them.  For things I have written or created myself, I can upload them with an "I did this myself" license.  For anything else, its gets so complicated I have been afraid to try.  I could create something with the basic handshapes and put it in.  someone on the discussion page asked to see something with pictures of handshapes and their corresponding symbols.  I saw something like that with all the Stokoe handshapes and their SW equivalent somewhere in the SW website, but because I didn't create it, I would need permission from the creator to put it up there;  posting it there then makes it free for anyone to use.  Do you know which picture I'm talking about?  Did you make it, or know who did?  I have it at work, not here, so I can't attach it.  If we could figure out the license, that would be the best picture to use, I think.  In the meantime, I will work on creating something with the basic handshapes.


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Hello Cherie!
This is wonderful. THANK YOU. The old article needed improvement...  
And I really like what you have said....This is so much better than  

I there a way to actually show the handshapes in  
SignWriting while you are discussing them?..For example, when you  
mention the square for a fist, it could link to:

The term "pentagon shape" ....I have no clue what a pentagon looks  
like....So the more visual you make it the better...or link to  
diagrams on the web...

But what you have done is really good...Can you place a paragraph  
about SignPuddle Software and link to it?

We actually need a separate Wikipedia article about SignPuddle  
Software too...people need to know where to go to search for signs  
already written, and how to create signs themselves on the web...

And I think your link to your SignWriting document is perfect!

Maybe a Wikipedia article about SignWriting Literature, linking to  
all the documents written in SignWriting would be a good idea too...

Thank you once again, Cherie!

Val ;-)

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