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May 21, 2007

CWren at wrote:
> This is the picture I was thinking of, but its using the stokoe  
> handshapes from this picture    Which I still have no idea where it  
> came form.  So although I think they would be great information for  
> the SW article, I have no way to determine the license for the  
> picture of Stokoe's handshapes.

This is a wonderful chart, Cherie!

I have never seen this before that I remember...but I like it!!

I can send you the illustrations that we own the copyrights to, and  
you could replace the illustrations one by one...If you have time to  
do that, tell me, and I will start sending them to you...I may not  
have all of them, but you could always take photos of your own hands  
too...I have some hand photos as well, of my nephew's hands...

Once the illustrations are replaced, then I hope when you post it,  
that you will give it the most open and free license  
possible...copyright free....I want everyone to use SignWriting, and  
diagrams related to it, freely with no restrictions...

I feel frustrated when people think a writing system would be  
restricted from use...nothing can be farther from the truth...

We can place this new chart on our SignWriting site as well as  
Wikipedia...I know it will be useful to people, as it was to you ....

Many thanks for all you are doing, Cherie...

Val ;-)

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