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I think this is an excellent type of resource. I think it will help  
many people jump between the hand and the symbol.

My thoughts (perhaps common sense but worth mentioning maybe):

1) Make sure the palm facing and the handshape symbol are identical.  
I didn't have time this morning to really view all the handshapes to  
check this, but I was impressed by it. :)

2) I think line drawings are better because there is much less  
peripheral information to distract the viewer (jewelry, watches,  
clothes, scratches, fingernails, etc.) I do have a document I wrote  
up on how to use Gimp to do some very basic linedrawing work. It  
isn't perfect like an illustration, but if you give yourself a good  
background, it should work pretty well for this purpose. I could  
email that to you, Cherie, if you want.



On May 21, 2007, at 9:41, CWren at wrote:

> I have photos of all the manual alphabet handshapes, and some  
> classifiers...  Do you think line drawings would be easier, or photos?
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> CWren at wrote:
> > This is the picture I was thinking of, but its using the stokoe
> > handshapes from this picture    Which I still have no idea where it
> > came form.  So although I think they would be great information for
> > the SW article, I have no way to determine the license for the
> > picture of Stokoe's handshapes.
> This is a wonderful chart, Cherie!
> I have never seen this before that I remember...but I like it!!
> I can send you the illustrations that we own the copyrights to, and
> you could replace the illustrations one by one...If you have time to
> do that, tell me, and I will start sending them to you...I may not
> have all of them, but you could always take photos of your own hands
> too...I have some hand photos as well, of my nephew's hands...
> Once the illustrations are replaced, then I hope when you post it,
> that you will give it the most open and free license
> possible...copyright free....I want everyone to use SignWriting, and
> diagrams related to it, freely with no restrictions...
> I feel frustrated when people think a writing system would be
> restricted from use...nothing can be farther from the truth...
> We can place this new chart on our SignWriting site as well as
> Wikipedia...I know it will be useful to people, as it was to you ....
> Many thanks for all you are doing, Cherie...
> Val ;-)
> <SW-and-stokoe-smaller.png>

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