Basic calendar and clock in SignWriting

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Feedback! I love it because it gets me thinging about things I either never thought about or discarded as unimportant prematurly. 
Charles, you mentioned about learning Thursday with an H. You are right. At first, I was going to do the days of the week with their ful signs, but Sunday took a lot of room. So, I went with the first letter of the days of the week. I guess I could have done "TH" for Thurday, but then something would have to be done with Sunday and Saturday. 
Which brings me to another issue that Val brought up. The Sunday is colored not because it is today, but because it is the first day of the week. Kinda like how English calendars have Sunday as red. 
And since I am talking about Val's comments. :-) I had written the 16-19 as out-in rotations because that was how it felt to me when I signed it, but when you asked if it should be out-in or out-out, I thought about it and you are right. It should be out-out, so your verson 3 is right. 
And of course, Bill, I didn't forget you. I was thinking that the year should be changed a little because it could get confusing, but then I discarded that because I thought that thinking it would be fine. You are right that it could be confused with the archaic 27 (ASL archaic means that it hasn't been widely used in the last 50 years. Ha!). Would saying 20 07 like Val said be clearer? I could easily do some changing around to fix that. 
About the background picture, very cute idea. :-) Before I do that, I would have to make the images used for SignWriting transparent, so that the background doesn't look bad. Ha!
Again. Thanks for the feed back that you have given me. Now I can make some improvements. :-) And if there are any other ideas, just let me know. 



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May 22, 2007

Adam's calendar and time in ASL brings up a lot of interesting issues  
about writing the days of the week, as Charles pointed out...related  
to Thursday, and then Bill pointed out the writing of the year  
2007...I believe Adam meant 20 and then an 07 would  
make it clear ;-)

I am fascinated by the writing of 16, 17, 18, and 19...The rotation  
symbol ...I wonder...maybe you mean out-out? then both arrows would  
be going in the same the moment the rotation is even,  
with no emphasis on the it is rotating out and then in...I  
experimented by placing a third and fourth entry for 16 in the ASL  
Dictionary in SignPuddle...or maybe it is just general shaking...that  
is another idea ;-))

But all those tiny details aside....this is a really fun and  
fascinating idea...THANK YOU, Adam!

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