Basic calendar and clock in SignWriting

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Tue May 22 18:13:20 UTC 2007

Hmm. I will have to double check on things. I have been signing 2-0-0- 
x since the year 2000. Of course, once we hit 2010, I am sure I will  
switch to "twenty" "ten". I never saw anyone do "twenty" "00" or  
"twenty" "02". So I will have to investigate that. I wonder if there  
is truly a rule yet, or if that is a dialectical difference. I will  
check around here to confirm what we do here.


On May 22, 2007, at 12:42, Adam Frost wrote:

> Right, that is how digit are done is English, but numbers are  
> completely different in ASL. The best way to explain it is an ASL  
> "digit" goes from 0 to 99, not 0 to 9 as in English. So I am using  
> the computer clock to get the time and getting the two English  
> digits for one ASL digit. Also, I only see deaf/Deafies sign the  
> year as two thousand seven or twenty zero seven, respectively.  
> (Deafies are considered more ASL because they follow the ASL digit  
> rule when rendering numbers). I never see anyone but hearies who  
> will render numbers as single digits from 0-9. I guess it's a ASL/ 
> Deaf brain thing. LOL.
> Adam
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> Adam,
> I don't know of two signs "20" and "07." I'd be tempted to treat it  
> like
> a decimal sequence, "2," "0," "0," and "7."   I assume that you're  
> tying
> into the computer's clock and calendar to keep track of the day, date
> and time.  If so, presenting the decimal places of the years with the
> first 10 digits (0 - 9) would seem to allow the greatest  
> flexibility in
> displaying whatever time the user wanted - such as 1983, 2025,  
> 2350, etc.
> Bill
> Adam Frost wrote:
>> Feedback! I love it because it gets me thinging about things I  
>> either never thought about or discarded as unimportant prematurly.
>> Charles, you mentioned about learning Thursday with an H. You are  
>> right. At first, I was going to do the days of the week with their  
>> ful signs, but Sunday took a lot of room. So, I went with the  
>> first letter of the days of the week. I guess I could have done  
>> "TH" for Thurday, but then something would have to be done with  
>> Sunday and Saturday.
>> Which brings me to another issue that Val brought up. The Sunday  
>> is colored not because it is today, but because it is the first  
>> day of the week. Kinda like how English calendars have Sunday as red.
>> And since I am talking about Val's comments. :-) I had written the  
>> 16-19 as out-in rotations because that was how it felt to me when  
>> I signed it, but when you asked if it should be out-in or out-out,  
>> I thought about it and you are right. It should be out-out, so  
>> your verson 3 is right.
>> And of course, Bill, I didn't forget you. I was thinking that the  
>> year should be changed a little because it could get confusing,  
>> but then I discarded that because I thought that thinking it would  
>> be fine. You are right that it could be confused with the archaic  
>> 27 (ASL archaic means that it hasn't been widely used in the last  
>> 50 years. Ha!). Would saying 20 07 like Val said be clearer? I  
>> could easily do some changing around to fix that.
>> About the background picture, very cute idea. :-) Before I do  
>> that, I would have to make the images used for SignWriting  
>> transparent, so that the background doesn't look bad. Ha!
>> Again. Thanks for the feed back that you have given me. Now I can  
>> make some improvements. :-) And if there are any other ideas, just  
>> let me know.
>> Adam
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>> SignWriting List
>> May 22, 2007
>> Adam's calendar and time in ASL brings up a lot of interesting issues
>> about writing the days of the week, as Charles pointed out...related
>> to Thursday, and then Bill pointed out the writing of the year
>> 2007...I believe Adam meant 20 and then an 07 would
>> make it clear ;-)
>> I am fascinated by the writing of 16, 17, 18, and 19...The rotation
>> symbol ...I wonder...maybe you mean out-out? then both arrows would
>> be going in the same the moment the rotation is even,
>> with no emphasis on the it is rotating out and then in...I
>> experimented by placing a third and fourth entry for 16 in the ASL
>> Dictionary in SignPuddle...or maybe it is just general shaking...that
>> is another idea ;-))
>> But all those tiny details aside....this is a really fun and
>> fascinating idea...THANK YOU, Adam!

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