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Jonathan duncanjonathan at YAHOO.CA
Tue May 22 23:18:28 UTC 2007

Steve Slevinski wrote:
> Hi Sandy,
Hi Steve and Sandy,
> The current IMWA does not have all of the palms filled.  This should
> be fixed with the International SignWriting Alphabet when they are
> renumbered and redone in SVG.  I think the contact symbols need to be
> renumbered... along with some other.
I was wondering why the symbols should be renumbered.  Maybe you could
give an example or two.
> The center of each symbol also need to be know for rotation. 
> SignPuddle doesn't rotate properly. 
    If the height and width where known for the symbols, the center
could be easily calculated.  The height and width of the symbols is
necessary to calculate the total height and width of the sign and the
center of the sign. 
> I can see how a single SVG file could contain information all 96
> handshapes and variations.  (To reduce the number of files, I'm
> currently packing all 96 pngs into one file as well).
I packed them all into a database.  It saved a WHOLE lot of space.
> I'm guessing the SVG would need to know.
> Base handshape: square
> Finger strokes: thumb
> Palm area: solid white square
> Half filled area: black rectangle
> Overhead line break: thick white line
> Center of symbol: palm's center?
> With this information, we could build any of the 96 variations to any
> scale.  Printing with the "I SW A" in SVG format is going to be great...
> This could open all kinds of SignMaker improvements.  Instead of
> writing with the Build Format and the SSS id numbers, we could write
> in SVG. 
Wouldn't you want to keep the SSS id numbers when writing in SVG? 
Declare what the symbol looks like, call it by it's SSS id number, the
reuse it to display it in it's appropriate position however many times
it appears in the document?
> However with proper writing in lanes, additional complications are
> added.  For each sign we need to know the head's center of a sign. 
> This information will need to be included in a signs SVG data.
When there isn't a head in the sign, do you center it by the sign's center?

> Fun stuff.  I like the editor ideas.
> -Steve
> Sandy Fleming wrote:
>> On Wed, 2007-04-25 at 15:11 -0300, machado at wrote:
>>> Try these: or  
>>> Its full set of sss2004. By full I mean no flips or rotations. but the  
>>> whole set.
>> Machado,
>> I spent some time playing with a few of these SVG files yesterday,
>> seeing how they transformed and re-styled.
>> I was very impressed with the way they're done entirely as outlines to
>> the black parts, so that what are strokes in handwriting are filled
>> areas on the computer. This completely solves the scaling problem I
>> spoke about recently!
>> The only thing I'd (maybe) like to see done differently is that the
>> internal parts of some symbols (but not others) should be white rather
>> than transparent. But we'd have to decide which symbols and anyway this
>> could be solved by programming, I should think, so it's not a problem,
>> just a remark.
>> Something I'd like to do is to take all these files and arrange them
>> into database form, so that the paths can be looked up from the SSS
>> label. This way software would be able to look up the paths from the
>> symbols more easily, and the user wouldn't have to download all the
>> files. This is a good idea, isn't it? Or do you have a way of using the
>> symbols in a web page directly, that I don't know about?
>> Sandy


Jonathan & Yolaine Duncan
8-)  & ;-)

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