A license for SignWriting

GerardM gerard.meijssen at GMAIL.COM
Sun May 27 18:25:58 UTC 2007

On my blog some questions were asked by David Gerard. David is one of the
more influential Wikipedians.

   - Who holds the copyright to SignWriting
   - Under what license is SignWriting available
   - Is there an organisation behind SignWriting

I have replied by posting on my blog after some discussion with Valerie.
What Valerie and I agree on is that it is good to be clear about these
issues as they are important on the Internet. What we also agreed on was
that we should not rush and adopt a particular license. This is very much
something where you, the users of the SignWriting script, have to understand
why this is thought to be a relevant question and have to appreciate the
arguments for the license that will be chosen.

To be clear, Valerie is categorically clear that the SignWriting symbols
need to remain as freely available as they have always been. Practically
nothing is to change. It is just that clarification of these things will
take away the suspicion that some people have when this issue is not

Valerie I understand is busy working on the script. She is on a tight time
schedule to do the things that need doing. So it is unlikely that anything
will happen within the next month(s), This gives everybody who has concerns
the time to come up with suggestions.


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