sw-l-digest V1 #2411

Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Mon May 28 22:03:37 UTC 2007

Hi Sandy,

Sandy Fleming wrote:
> I see what you're saying, but the distinction isn't necessarily clear in
> every case. For example, the program I'm writing attempts to reduce the
> workload in creating the huge number of SignWriting symbols by
> calculating sets of shapes by geometry within the program. The final
> result may be a font, but it's created on the fly by the software so
> kind of difficult to separate out from the license on the software
> itself. Since by altering one or two geometrical calculations within the
> program I could get it to create a whole new font, I wonder if a font
> license would really cover what it does?
First, you have the software. Second, you have the set of geometric shapes.

So the question starts, is the set of geometric shapes a base font?  And 
does this base font cover any derivative fonts that the software could 

Personally, I wouldn't consider the geometric shapes a font because 
there is no underlining alphabet.  The shapes can be put together to 
form an alphabet, but the base shapes are not an alphabet.

A writer can use your tool to create a font.  So the writer should get 
to decide on the license for their creation.

my 2 cents again,

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