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I suspect your knowledge of the language is filling in missing information... and that will probably be corrected (along with a number of other incomplete signs or hesitation movements) in editing! :-)As for ARRIVE... I really need to just go ahead and trust my handwriting!!!  I wrote it with the regular arrow initially, but I let my own knowledge of the sign interfere when I got into SignText!  Since I know there's supposed to be some kind of rotation, I wrote one in where Darline didn't actually sign one.  Sigh... you'd think I'd've learned by now! KJDate: Tue, 29 May 2007 18:55:33 -0700From: adam at frostvillage.comTo: sw-l at majordomo.valenciacc.eduSubject: Re: [sw-l] Sleeping Beauty page 31I see a full circle, but it might just be one rather than two. If it wasn't for the fact that Darlene's signing speed isn't well captured by the video, I think that we might have been able to see it better. Although, this could just be my knowledge of the language seeing something that is only hinted.
About the sign for ARRIVE, I took a look at the video, and it is not an arm rotation, so I think that the regular arrow would be what's needed here.AdamPS Page 31 is in SignPuddle now.
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I wondered if it was actually intended as a sign or not... it didn't make much sense to me, but it looked like both hands moved so I wrote it in.As for the sign I asked about, I agree that it's a variation of the sign you sent me a link to... but it's too fast to look like the full circle as written in SignPuddle.
Third column last sign - ARRIVE, right?  Check the video again.  If she were signing it normally it would be a down under rotation, I know, but her right hand starts very high and comes down to the left hand.  That makes it more of an up-over rotation than a down-under.
BTW, it looks like this page didn't save into SignPuddle for some reason... could you get it in there, please and thank you? 
KJDate: Mon, 28 May 2007 23:43:52 -0700From: adam at
To: sw-l at majordomo.valenciacc.eduSubject: Re: [sw-l] Sleeping Beauty page 31
First of all, I don't see the sign that you have written before the sign in question in the first column. I see that as being apart of the sign that is before it moving into the next sign, which is the sign in question. Now, this sign, I see as something like the ones in SignPuddle.,4239&search=something&type=any
 And the last sign in the third column is a down under rotation, not an up over rotation as you have it.That's all I have for comments.AdamOn 5/28/07, 
kjoanne403 at <
kjoanne403 at> wrote:
      I mostly had trouble with the first column, last sign.  She signed it so fast... I wanted to make a little finger circle, but the options in SignText didn't seem appropriate.  So I looked at the video again and re-wrote it the way you see.  Do you agree, Adam?  (Or do you have the video available?  I've been copying straight off the DVD since Val sent it to me, so I don't know which video segment this is on.)  Also, did I use the right rotation for the third column, last sign?
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