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October 4, 2007

Andre from French-Canada wrote:
> I agree totally with Deaf kids because it is very important to be  
> "appropriate" a double-stemmed arrow in order to learn and apply  
> the same general rules. Should a wrist circle with parallel front  
> wall change from the single-stemmed arrow to the double-stemmed  
> arrow?  Keep in mind that adults and kids do not have the same  
> learning process.  I believe that Deaf kids are right to apply the  
> general rules for the down-up movement (parallel front wall) for  
> the double-stemmed arrows, and the wrist circle with parallel front  
> wall for a double-stemmed arrow double-stemmed arrows.  
> Unfortunately, SignPuddle 1.5 is designed only with wrist circles  
> using single-stemmed arrows....

The Circle Symbols have gone through several changes over the years.  
We are still using the Circle Symbols that were developed in 1974,  
but some of them have two versions now, as you can see in the  
attached diagram...

You are welcome to add the double stemmed arrows to the Wrist Circles  
parallel to the Front Wall.  It is consistent with the rules of  
SignWriting in general....So if that will help, that is  
fine...because it follows the double-stemmed arrows used to show  
parallel to the Front Wall.

But the old Wrist Circle symbols from 1974 will not be thrown out.  
They can be read easily because the Circle itself does not have any  
dark section. The dark section in the other Wrist Circle that is  
moving forward and back means closer to the body...so when a Wrist  
Circle has no dark section, it has to be parallel with the Front  
Wall...because no part of the circle is ever closer to the body.

As far as the symbols in SignPuddle...as you know I am struggling  
with too many jobs...but i am working on the new ISWA and I will try  
to include these new Wrist symbols in the new ISWA...I cannot promise  
when that will be ready however, so your Deaf students will have to  
construct their own wrist symbols until that time, or just use the  
old ones...;-)

Please say "hello" to your Deaf students and teachers for me and tell  
them that I think it is very exciting to get their feedback!

I hope they can show us some of their writing someday...send us  
pictures of them writing and I will be happy to post it on the web in  
a special area for their classroom --- Val ;-)

see attached...

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