export/import buttons into signpuddle ?? question

Valerie Sutton dac at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Fri Oct 19 23:26:09 UTC 2007

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October 19, 2007

Anny from French Switzerland wrote:
> i never used the import/ export buttons into SignPuddle and don't  
> even know what they are made for....could you explian it to me ?  
> thanks Anny

Hello Anny -
Thank you for this question.

The Export Command exports signs from SignPuddle to be imported into  
SignBank, so you can sort the dictionary by SSS in SignBank and print  
the dictionary.

The Export Command is explained a little in the SignPuddle Reference  
Manual...Number 60 in the Bookmarks in the Manual...on page 85-86.

You can download the Reference Manual here:

SignPuddle Reference Manual

If you are interested in learning SignBank, and how to Import the  
signs from SignPuddle into SignBank, then go to the SignBank Video  

SignBank Video Instruction

and view Videos 32-35

If you wish to create a French-Swiss SignBank with your current data  
that is on the web in SignPuddle right now, I will be happy to help  
you through the process...

Before you start, you need to add the SignSpelling Data in your  
SignPuddle dictionary online...that SignSpelling data is necessary to  
do a good import into SignBank...

Lots of issues!

Do you know how to create a SignSpelling for signs in SignPuddle?

Val ;-)


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