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Ahh, right you are. I didn't even think about depth. That answers my question. :-)


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October 20, 2007

Adam Frost wrote:
> I was just looking at the signs and was thinking the same thing you  
> just said, Val. :-) Usually when I think of an example, it is  
> either similar or close enough. Here you gave an example of a  
> correct use of the overlapping movement arrow. My question is if  
> the hands were written one on the other so that it reads that on  
> hand is in front of the other, would the overlapping arrow still be  
> correctly used? That was the example that I had in my head, and I  
> wanted to make sure that I was thinking it right. :-)

Hello Adam and everyone -

Thanks for this comment and interesting question...

Actually you are talking about depth here...when one hand is in front  
of the other...

To give you a better idea of what I mean, see the attached diagram...

Top left.....the two hands are side by side and they are painting two  
separate paths.
Top right...the right hand is on top of the left hand and they both  
move down on overlapping paths
Bottom......the right hand is closer to the reader and the left hand  
is far away from the reader. They both move down, but their paths are  
not overlapping because they are far away from each other...

Notice how the bottom one uses an old technique to write DEPTH...by  
making the hand and movement that is far away from the reader a  
little smaller...that works well for writing depth, but unfortunately  
we cannot write mixed sizes of symbols in SignPuddle right now...when  
the day comes that we can "change typeface size", we can write depth  
in this fashion...

I know, Adam, that you meant that the two hands would be closer  
together, but one in front of the other...that is hard to write no  
matter what...

Technically the General Arrows was designed to write overlapping  
paths, and technically when one hand is in front of the other their  
paths do not overlap in physical reality when they move down...but in  
writing reality (grin) I bet most people would write a General Arrow  
in those cases....the problem with that is that it gives the wrong  
information...it makes me feel like one is on top of the other...let  
me try to write what you want and I will post again...

Val ;-)


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