Writing Depth...one hand in front of the other

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October 20, 2007

On Oct 20, 2007, at 8:49 AM, Adam Frost wrote:
> Ahh, right you are. I didn't even think about depth. That answers  
> my question. :-)
> Adam

Hello Adam and Everyone...

Here is a second diagram related to depth:

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Number 1 tells us that the left hand is on top of the right hand.  
How? Because the General Arrowhead tells us that the movement is  
"overlapping" which means they would have to be on top of one another  
in this case.

Number 2 and Number 3 both write the same thing...the right hand is  
in front of the left hand...

Number 2 is the way we write depth when we don't have a smaller hand  
symbol to write with...so it can look confusing from the handshape  
point of view, but Number 2 is saved by the two arrows...the right  
and left arrows tell us that the two paths are NOT overlapping, so  
then you can guess that the right hand must be closer to the chest  
than the left hand...because if we are standing on a slanted floor  
(top of the paper is front wall, and bottom of paper is back  
wall)...the lower one is closer to the chest...

Number 3 is the more accurate way to write the same position in  
Number 2...by making the hand that is far away, a little smaller...  
our software cannot do that yet...it gives the feeling that the right  
hand is in front of the other one...

Either way, the General Arrowhead gave us the information in the  
first one, that the paths are overlapping...

Val ;-)

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