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Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Sat Oct 20 17:12:03 UTC 2007

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October 20, 2007

Dear SW Listers -
I just received a great phone call from Ingvild in Norway (thank you  
for the call, Ingvild!) and we started discussing creating large  
SignWriting documents with DocumentMaker software...

DocumentMaker is a program that at the moment, is housed inside of  
SignBank. We plan to make DocumentMaker a separate program in its own  
right, that fully coordinates with SignPuddle.

Right now, I am testing the current DocumentMaker (inside SignBank)  
by creating our first really large document in is the Gospel  
According to John in ASL, Romero Translation...and the book has  
around 171 pages right now...we keep editing and making changes to  
the document, and it is a huge job as matter what program  
a person uses...but I think DocumentMaker has the potential in the  
future to become a very easy program to needs to be  
separated from SignBank so it can stand alone, and it needs to have  
some more choices for new layout formats etc...

Today I am completing the re-edited version of just John Chapter  
1...I hope to post that first chapter as an example of a document  
created with is around 30 to 40 pages...

I promised Ingvild that I will teach more techniques with  
DocumentMaker. I hope to start these lessons directly after posting  
John Chapter 1, sometime in the next few days...

So thanks for using DocumentMaker, Ingvild!

I appreciate your feedback...

Val ;-)


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