AW: [sw-l] New SignWriting Literature posted!

Stefan Wöhrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Mon Oct 29 08:55:37 UTC 2007

Hi Val, Nancy, Bill   and 





I took some time to browse through old (!!) email messages - and long ago
posted websites - 

Well I know that Nancy Romero is one of our famous sw-list - members --
since she has been there in the first days of SignWriting just after it has
been invented. 

She knows DanceWriting as well ... 


Hi Nancy, who else but you can explain what it means to write by hand ....
to be a pioneer.. and now again you created another document with a new
developed software  which will become a milestone in SW history!


Back in 99 Valerie posted this message: 


Today I posted a new Special Feature on the web, highlighting three

> ASL stories that were posted last year...


> Go to:




> And scroll down...


> Go to Nancy Romero's story: "A Giraffe Named Ivan", written in

> American Sign Language.


> You will find that the story has NO English translation.


> For those who know some American signs, see if you can figure out

> what it says in ASL? Can you read it?




Bill - you remember your first tanslation ... smile.


Ha Valerie - so time and people proof you to be right to continue with all
your energy to develop and spread your wonderful invention to preserve and
document the SL of the world! Hope in time you will add the missing
Ethiopean handshapes? I jnow about the pile on your to do list – but once we
do have all the needed handshapes Eyasu and me can work on the TT-Font
keyboard which would be a great  support for their porject. At least I hope
so ... 


Congrats Nancy and Val on your achievement


Stefan ;-) 



On January 25, 1999 Val wrote: 


"And if you have trouble reading a sign Nancy wrote, you can always write to

her, to ask her what it means! Same still true today - right?? - Nancy ? "





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SignWriting List

October 28, 2007


New SignWriting Literature posted!


Gospel According to John Chapters 1-3 in ASL

Romero Translation 



Nancy Romero wrote this directly in ASL, in SignPuddle 1.5. No video  

was used.


I then prepared the document for publication, using SignBank  



The document is 74 pages...This is only the first three chapters out  

of 21 chapters, so in time it will become a document with hundreds of  



I will create a web page about it later this week -




Val ;-)






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