AW: [sw-l] White on black for Deaf-Blind

Stefan Wöhrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Mon Oct 29 23:00:38 UTC 2007

Hi Val, 
puh - thanks for your answer. - smile - Good to know.
And yes of course I could download and open the document without any problem
... great job! Congrats - 

Stefan ;-)

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On Oct 29, 2007, at 1:43 PM, Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:

> Hi Val,
> excuse my question -- I feel nervous about this idea with black 
> background
> of the columnss . Do you want to look the signpuddle screen in the 
> future
> like it is shown in the attached grafic?
> I made a screenshot of my SignPuddle screen ...
> I think this black background of the columns is not that nice at it 
> has been
> before ... black on white --
> Stefan ;-)


Hello Stefan and Everyone!
Smile - oh you have a complete misunderstanding!!

This has nothing to do with the way we view SignWriting on the screen 
for everyday sighted are thinking like SignWriter DOS - I 

But I am talking about DocumentMaker...creating PDFs of documents...

Have you viewed a long document in DocumentMaker yet?

Can you download this document to tell me if you can read it?

John Chapter 1-3

When you read that document, you will see it is white pages, with black 
SignWriting symbols...

Or we have some pages with blue SignWriting symbols on white 
background...or brown SignWriting symbols on a white background...

Well now Steve and Todd are working to give us a choice of any color 
background for documents...not for reading in everyday SignPuddle, but 
for PDF documents...we can choose a yellow background for the symbols 
and make the symbols green if we wish...

Meanwhile, Andre is blind and he has another problem...when Andre opens 
our email, he has to reverse the screen so he can read our email...that 
is why sometimes his message will look like yellow on least 
on my computer...

So in regards to Andre, he cannot see a PDF document that has black 
symbols on if we give DocumentMaker the possibility to 
choose a black column, then we could create special PDFs just for the 

So I am just trying to help everyone the best I can -

If Andre owned a Mac, then there would be no problem because everything 
reverses no matter what for Mac users, no matter what the software...

I am looking into finding out about PDFs on Windows to see if there is 
an auto reversal for the blind...that will be another option...

Val ;-)



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