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Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod acpg at VTXNET.CH
Tue Sep 4 21:28:06 UTC 2007

>> Val
>> I've started translating the manual.... which will stil take me  
>> some time.... ( only done about 12 pages till now)... and was  
>> surprised to read about the Pocket Puddle.... I never really  
>> checkewd what it was all about...
>> if I understand well... the POcket Puddle replace the SignPUddle  
>> that could be downloaded on one's own computer.... ? and it allows  
>> to work completely offline? I'm not sure....?!?!?!
>> does an offline version of SignPuddlle 1.5 still exist (like the  
>> one for SignPuddle 1) and where can it be downloaded ??
>> or do Pocket Puddle replace this??
>> IN november we're going to have our traditionnal signwiriting week- 
>> end in the mountains.... on 17-18 november... and the place (small  
>> chalet) I rent for the week-end has absolutely NO internet  
>> connection!!
>> I'll probably need either a Pocket Puddle or a  offline version of  
>> SignPuddle 1.5
>> can you tell me what I should do about this ??
>> and give me an idea of the time you'd need to get me a pocket  
>> Puddle ready if I command one
>> thanks in advance
>> Anny

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