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September 4, 2007

Hello Anny!
Thank you for these questions about the PocketPuddle. The  
PocketPuddle is described on the web:

SignPuddle Information

Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod wrote:
>>> I've started translating the manual.... which will stil take me  
>>> some time.... ( only done about 12 pages till now)... and was  
>>> surprised to read about the Pocket Puddle.... I never really  
>>> checkewd what it was all about...

Yes. It is really a nice development. The PocketPuddle is for  
Windows. It is generally "plug and play", meaning that you can plug  
it into your USB port on your Windows computer and run SignPuddle  
without an internet connection, directly on the PocketPuddle.

It is not really a Mac or Linux product, BUT for those who want to  
use it on their Mac or Linux computers, it comes with instructions  
for a "special install" so you can run the software on your hard  
drive instead of on the PocketPuddle itself. The "special install  
instructions" are clear, but it is not that easy a process...so if  
you are running a Mac, then I could help you do it step by step...

For the Windows world, it is fun to be able to run a full SignPuddle  
on a tiny little USB flash drive! And then you can unplug it and  
carry it in your pocket to another Windows computer and carry your  
data around that way...without an internet connection...

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>>> if I understand well... the POcket Puddle replace the SignPUddle  
>>> that could be downloaded on one's own computer.... ? and it  
>>> allows to work completely offline? I'm not sure....?!?!?!

Yes. That is correct. There are several ways to work offline  
now...but all of them cost money. The PocketPuddle is $100. The  
private Workstation and the SignPuddle Servers are more money, so the  
PocketPuddle is the best deal that is for sure...

All are VERY reasonable in cost considering the remarkable software  
it is. Thank you, Steve, for the gift of SignPuddle!

Meanwhile working online is still free and there for everyone 24  
hours a day, 7 days a week ;-)

>>> does an offline version of SignPuddlle 1.5 still exist (like the  
>>> one for SignPuddle 1) and where can it be downloaded ??
>>> or do Pocket Puddle replace this??

No. There is not an offline version to download for free now. The  
PocketPuddle replaced it.

>>> IN november we're going to have our traditionnal signwiriting  
>>> week-end in the mountains.... on 17-18 november... and the place  
>>> (small chalet) I rent for the week-end has absolutely NO internet  
>>> connection!!
>>> I'll probably need either a Pocket Puddle or a  offline version  
>>> of SignPuddle 1.5

The PocketPuddle is your answer. Are you on a Mac or Windows? If it  
is a Mac, we can send you the PocketPuddle for Windows, plus the  
instructions on how to install it on your Mac and then Steve and I  
can help you with the Mac installation...

>>> can you tell me what I should do about this ??
>>> and give me an idea of the time you'd need to get me a pocket  
>>> Puddle ready if I command one

Your wish is our command - ha! ;-))

It can take up to two weeks to send a package from California to  
Europe, and I cannot send them out to you until Steve sends me some  
more, in the middle of this month...so I would think you could have  
it by October 1st if need be...but first we need to talk about your  
computer etc...

One thing we all should know...for people who want to use the  
PocketPuddles in a school setting, if the computer is owned by the  
school...not all schools let people plug things in and sometimes the  
school network will lock the W drive and so forth...this happened in  
Norway and I still need to talk this over with Steve - interesting  
problems have developed with schools and networks...

But if you are using it with your private computer then there should  
be no problem...;-)

There is a conflict with Skype, but you can work around that...

Hope this has helped...

Read more about it:

Val ;-)
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