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my answer below

Le 5 sept. 07 à 00:37, Valerie Sutton a écrit :

> SignWriting List
> September 4, 2007
> Hello Anny!
> Thank you for these questions about the PocketPuddle. The  
> PocketPuddle is described on the web:
> SignPuddle Information
> http://www.signbank.org/signpuddle/help/index.html#Information
> Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod wrote:
>>>> I've started translating the manual.... which will stil take me  
>>>> some time.... ( only done about 12 pages till now)... and was  
>>>> surprised to read about the Pocket Puddle.... I never really  
>>>> checkewd what it was all about...
> Yes. It is really a nice development. The PocketPuddle is for  
> Windows. It is generally "plug and play", meaning that you can plug  
> it into your USB port on your Windows computer and run SignPuddle  
> without an internet connection, directly on the PocketPuddle.
> It is not really a Mac or Linux product, BUT for those who want to  
> use it on their Mac or Linux computers, it comes with instructions  
> for a "special install" so you can run the software on your hard  
> drive instead of on the PocketPuddle itself. The "special install  
> instructions" are clear, but it is not that easy a process...so if  
> you are running a Mac, then I could help you do it step by step...
Ÿes I'm running a Mac (Mac Os X version 10.4.10)... so I'll need your  
instruction tu get the pocket Puddle run!
> For the Windows world, it is fun to be able to run a full  
> SignPuddle on a tiny little USB flash drive! And then you can  
> unplug it and carry it in your pocket to another Windows computer  
> and carry your data around that way...without an internet  
> connection...
> <shop02.jpg>
>>>> if I understand well... the POcket Puddle replace the SignPUddle  
>>>> that could be downloaded on one's own computer.... ? and it  
>>>> allows to work completely offline? I'm not sure....?!?!?!
> Yes. That is correct. There are several ways to work offline  
> now...but all of them cost money. The PocketPuddle is $100. The  
> private Workstation and the SignPuddle Servers are more money, so  
> the PocketPuddle is the best deal that is for sure...
> All are VERY reasonable in cost considering the remarkable software  
> it is. Thank you, Steve, for the gift of SignPuddle!
> Meanwhile working online is still free and there for everyone 24  
> hours a day, 7 days a week ;-)
>>>> does an offline version of SignPuddlle 1.5 still exist (like the  
>>>> one for SignPuddle 1) and where can it be downloaded ??
>>>> or do Pocket Puddle replace this??
> No. There is not an offline version to download for free now. The  
> PocketPuddle replaced it.
Ok fine... then I 'll need a pocket!
>>>> IN november we're going to have our traditionnal signwiriting  
>>>> week-end in the mountains.... on 17-18 november... and the place  
>>>> (small chalet) I rent for the week-end has absolutely NO  
>>>> internet connection!!
>>>> I'll probably need either a Pocket Puddle or a  offline version  
>>>> of SignPuddle 1.5
> The PocketPuddle is your answer. Are you on a Mac or Windows? If it  
> is a Mac, we can send you the PocketPuddle for Windows, plus the  
> instructions on how to install it on your Mac and then Steve and I  
> can help you with the Mac installation...
yes please!!
>>>> can you tell me what I should do about this ??
>>>> and give me an idea of the time you'd need to get me a pocket  
>>>> Puddle ready if I command one
> Your wish is our command - ha! ;-))
when it's possible for you.... absolutely need to have it running  
before middle of november because I organise a SignWriting week-end  
in a small chalet in the swiss mountains... with just NO internet  
connexion.... so I'll need the PUddle to work with the group!
> It can take up to two weeks to send a package from California to  
> Europe, and I cannot send them out to you until Steve sends me some  
> more, in the middle of this month...so I would think you could have  
> it by October 1st if need be...but first we need to talk about your  
> computer etc...
that's fine... no rush!
> One thing we all should know...for people who want to use the  
> PocketPuddles in a school setting, if the computer is owned by the  
> school...not all schools let people plug things in and sometimes  
> the school network will lock the W drive and so forth...this  
> happened in Norway and I still need to talk this over with Steve -  
> interesting problems have developed with schools and networks...
> But if you are using it with your private computer then there  
> should be no problem...;-)
yes it will be for private use.....!
> There is a conflict with Skype, but you can work around that...
I'm also using Skype... but I guess no use to get it riunning at the  
same time ?!?!?
> Hope this has helped...
Ÿes thank you!

looking forward to getting this new tool!

take care

> Read more about it:
> http://www.signbank.org/signpuddle/help/index.html#Information
> Val ;-)
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