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Thu Apr 3 15:08:31 UTC 2008

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April 3, 2008

On Apr 2, 2008, at 11:11 PM, dhouha mansouri wrote:
> please i ask you if there is a way to order the symbols of sign in  
> swml,i find that signspelling give me the sequence of symbols but no  
> in ther order,is there any way
> please i wait your answer

Hello Dhouha!
Thank you for this question.

There are two parts or steps to placing signs in the "alphabetical  
order" of SignWriting. Steve Slevinski calls SignWriting "the  
SignWriting Spatial Alphabet"...I love that term!

And all alphabets, whether they be for spoken languages or signed  
languages, follow these two steps, when placing words or signs in  

1. SignSpelling Sequence
First, establish the order of the symbols within each individual word  
or sign. The SignSpelling must be established before you can go to the  
second step.

2. Sign-Symbol-Sequence (alphabetical order of symbols)
Once each individual sign has its own SignSpelling Sequence, then all  
the signs are sorted by the Sign-Symbol-Sequence. The symbols have a  
specific order in the SSS. All the signs that begin with the Index  
Finger come first in the dictionary, and so forth.

I believe you are asking for number 2 above...the Sign-Symbol-Sequence.

This web page has several documents you can download that list the  

Symbol Documents IMWA 2004

Download Number 3 on that web page...

IMWA BaseSymbols

Also, the Symbol Palette in SignMaker and SignText (see attached  
screen capture)...that Symbol Palette is in Sign-Symbol-Sequence. The  
sequence starts with the first symbol top-left corner, and goes down  
each column, left column first, etc...The first symbol in the SSS is  
the Index Finger...top left corner..click on it and the symbols  
underneath on the next layer of the Symbol Palette are listed in  

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