pleaaase help me

faten oueslati oueslati_esstt at YAHOO.COM
Fri Apr 4 14:32:08 UTC 2008

  i like to know for the words that have 2 rotation of the same hand(right right or left left)
  so how we predict the config,rotation fill of the other hand ,if i rely on picture i predict for the words that have the value of rotation (08 02) the right hand take the values of 02 (config,fill..) and the left take the config the fill of 08 but the rotation is changed to 10like(minimum,clean,almost,nice both palms) because i note that are similar to word that have this value of rotation(02 10) and in the case of the rotation(07 07) we concerve the fill,config of this rotation but we change the value of rotation to 03 11 because similar to the sign coffee.
  its true or there is another rules.
  please i need your answer*

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