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Fri Apr 4 20:21:39 UTC 2008

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April 4, 2008

On Apr 4, 2008, at 7:32 AM, faten oueslati wrote:
> i like to know for the words that have 2 rotation of the same  
> hand(right right or left left)
> so how we predict the config,rotation fill of the other hand ,if i  
> rely on picture i predict for the words that have the value of  
> rotation (08 02) the right hand take the values of 02  
> (config,fill..) and the left take the config the fill of 08 but the  
> rotation is changed to 10like(minimum,clean,almost,nice both palms)  
> because i note that are similar to word that have this value of  
> rotation(02 10) and in the case of the rotation(07 07) we concerve  
> the fill,config of this rotation but we change the value of rotation  
> to 03 11 because similar to the sign coffee.
> its true or there is another rules.
> please i need your answer*

Hello Faten -
Thank you for this question. The reason you are not getting an  
immediate answer from all of us, is not because we don't want to  
answer you...We all want to help very much!!

The problem is that we don't analyze the way we write, based on ID  
numbers of the symbols...we just write....we write what we see other  
people sign, and we write the way we see our own hands, while we are  
signing...and when people use a language everyday, they usually don't  
analyze it quite like a computer programmer does...

When I am writing the signs for clean, almost and nice, I don't think  
in turns of the ID numbers of the symbols...I just write the way it  

So this is new for me, to analyze signs based on the iD numbers for  
the is a little like taking the letters A, B and C in  
English, giving them the numbers 01, 02 and 03...and then the word for  
CAB is written 03 01 02!

I see CAB and perhaps you are seeing 03 01 02...not sure? smile...

Val ;-)


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