Sign language date / time examples?

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Wed Apr 16 17:42:46 UTC 2008

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April 16, 2008

Steve Slevinski wrote:
Here's an example of what I can create with the current ASL puddle.  
I'm hoping that I can just use the basics and build from there. It  
should be possible to create a generic numbering system. ASL can be  
broken down into millions, thousands, and hundreds. Using 10,534 BC as  
an example, the software would write "10 thousand 5 hundred 34 before  
common era". It should be possible to include this information in 1 or  
more signs automatically. This system needs a maximum of 99 numbers  
plus the signs for million, thousand, and hundred, along with the  
"before common era" sign(s). Each numbering system should start with a  
clean puddle. We can use extracts from the current puddles.
> We will need to create packages for sign language that localize the  
> date/time information. The first package will be for ASL and provide  
> the framework for additional languages. Date/Time localization will  
> be part of the MediaWiki plugin.

Hi Steve, Adam and everyone -
This will be wonderful of course...and let's do it for sure...and yes  
a generic numbering system can be developed just as long as we have  
the correct pieces in the database...

The only thing we have to be sure of, as I believe Stuart just  
mentioned, is that the end result is understandable by ASL signers who  
do not know what we are trying to write...we need to test it a little  
with ASL signers and be sure it is understandable...

I have found over the years that my knowledge of ASL simply is not  
good I need to leave the decision making, as to the exact  
signs that are chosen, to the ASL signers...

The only thing that I would like to suggest, is that we choose the  
easiest SignSpelling of each sign that is possible, if it doesn't hurt  
the understanding of the natural sign...sometimes in the Puddles we  
have many versions of the same sign written in several ways...some  
writings are more complicated than others, and if we choose the  
simplest version of each sign, it would be better for the date and  
time database I would assume...

For example, the number 16 is written in 6 ways in the dictionary.  
attached are two this case, these attached signs are  
actually two different which one will the database choose?  
Adam chose the latter one for his calendar, I would assume because it  
"felt like ASL"...

So we need to specify which signs will be used out of the choices in  
the current Puddles...

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