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August 20, 2008

Hello Jonathan -
I am so glad to know you like the ISWA! That makes me happy ;-))

Of course the ISWA that you see in the SWIS is a beta version.

Steve and I are not ready yet, to release the official version of the  
ISWA. It will be official the day we release the new SignPuddle 2.0,  
or at least that is our present plan, which I hope will be in  
September. Steve is away on vacation right now, and I am still working  
on the symbols a little...nothing major....but little improvements  
here and there.

And you are right that our web pages are not finished yet...I am sorry  
for your frustration.

Here is a description to the ISWA Categories and Groups. I do not have  
a listing of all the symbol-names yet, but that will be coming...There  
are 7 categories and 30 groups of symbols. (We do not write with  
Category 7. The symbols in Category 7 are for advanced sorting of  
dictionaries only.)

ISWA 2008
Category 1: Hands
Category 2: Movement
Category 3: Face Head
Category 4: Body
Category 5: Dynamics
Category 6: Punctuation
Category 7: Advanced Sorting

Category 1: Hands
Group 01: Index
Group 02: Index Middle
Group 03: Index Middle Thumb
Group 04: 4 Fingers
Group 05: 5 Fingers
Group 06: Baby Finger
Group 07: Ring Finger
Group 08: Middle Finger
Group 09: Index Thumb
Group 10: Thumb

Category 2: Movement
Group 11: Contact
Group 12: Finger Movement
Group 13: Straight Wall Plane
Group 14: Straight Diagonal Plane
Group 15: Straight Floor Plane
Group 16: Curves Wall Plane
Group 17: Curves Hit Wall Plane
Group 18: Curves Hit Floor Plane
Group 19: Curves Floor Plane
Group 20: Circular Movement

Category 3: Faces & Head
Group 21: Brow, Eyes, Eyegaze
Group 22: Cheeks Ears Nose Breath
Group 23: Mouth Lips
Group 24: Tongue Teeth Chin Neck
Group 25: Head

Category 4: Body
Group 26: Shoulders Hips Torso
Group 27: Limbs

Category 5: Dynamics
Group 28: Dynamics & Timing

Category 6: Punctuation
Group 29: Punctuation

Category 7: Advanced Sorting
Group 30: Detailed Location

Val ;-)


On Aug 20, 2008, at 9:13 AM, Jonathan wrote:

> Hi Val,
>     I was wondering if the descriptions for the groups in the  
> ISWA-2008 are available anywhere on the website yet.  I have been  
> looking for it but only found
> but it doesn't have the descriptions and 
>  but it isn´t complete for all of the groups in the ISWA just the  
> first ones.
> I am looking for something like
> 01-01-001-01  Index Tight Fist
> 01-01-002-01 Index Open Fist
> 01-01-003-01 Index Cup Base
> But for all of the groups.
> I understand that you are still putting the last touches to the ISWA  
> and want to let you know that I am very grateful for all the hard  
> work you and Steve have put into the symbols,  I was looking at them  
> the other day as I imported the ones that had come with the SWIS  
> into my program and I like them a lot better than the IMWA.  I'm  
> that they will contribute to easier reading.
> If there is anything I can do to help with getting the group  
> descriptions together, let me know.
> Jonathan

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