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February 25, 2008

On Feb 25, 2008, at 3:08 PM, Adam Frost wrote:
> I'm not really strong on those symbols because I usually don't see  
> the need to be so specific in writing exact loction. However, as I  
> understand it the difference is floor plane and wall plane just as  
> it is with arrows. That would mean that the floor plane (single  
> line) would be the underneath, whereas the wall plane (double line)  
> is in front of or closer to the signer in expressive view. Now, I  
> could be wrong, so don't cite me. :-) Does anyone know for sure?

Hello Adam and Anny!
You are absolutely correct, Adam, and I am very glad to see you back  
on the SignWriting List!

They are called Surface Symbols, and the explanation is located in the  
SignWriting E-Lessons:

SignWriting eLessons

And I agree, use them rarely, since when writing for everyday use, it  
is really too much detail. There are some signs in storytelling that  
get very detailed, like Goldilocks tossing and turning on a bed that  
was too hard, so in that case we needed a way to make sure people knew  
we were writing one hand on top of the other, but it is rare and even  
in that case, I believe in time, as people become skilled readers,  
they will not need so much information to know that is what they are  
reading ;-)

Val ;-)

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