A song in South African sign??

Kimberley Shaw skifoot at GMAIL.COM
Fri Mar 7 22:02:06 UTC 2008

Hello Mikey, hello SignWriters:
here are the lyrics (below) for the South African song!
The first verse is in Zulu, then 2 and 3 are in English. We've not
performed verse 4, and so I've left it out.
I look forward to seeing everyone's ideas! And I will work on making a
presentable SignWritten rendition myself -- you don't want to try to
decipher my crossed-out and scribbed-on draft.
Kim from Boston

Singabahambayo thina
kepha sinekhaya
Sithi haleluya.

On earth an army is marching
We're going home
Our longing bears a song
So sing out strong
Sithi Helleluya

With love our hearts are ablazing
For those who roam
And wander far away
Though longing home
Sithi Hallelya.


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