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Sun Mar 30 22:01:36 UTC 2008

On Mar 30, 2008, at 2:47 PM, Sandy Fleming wrote:
> Hasn't Steven Slevinski already done this? I thought he posted some
> stuff that showed how to create signs in different sizes some time  
> ago.
> At any rate I'm sure poster-style signs for teaching shouldn't be too
> difficult to do through an ordinary graphics program like the The GIMP
> or Paint Shop Pro. You'd just have to sacrifice a weekend or two to
> learning how to do that sort of thing!
> Sandy


Hello Sandy, Stephen, Steve and Stuart!

Yes, you are right, Sandy, that Steve's SignPuddle software can make  
the signs any color, and can reduce and enlarge nicely...

Click on the Customize Button to enlarge individual signs.

Click on the ColumnMaker Button to enlarge the signs and columns in a  

The largest SignPuddle can go right now, is twice the size as  
normal...See attached example of Cherie Wren's Cat in the Hat document  
at the largest size possible...

Open this attached document in Photoshop to enlarge it further...

Have you tried enlarging first in SignPuddle, Stephen, and then  
enlarging further in Photoshop?

See attached SignPuddle output...

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