"Stand" and "Look" - handshape

Stefan Wöhrmann stefanwoehrmann at GOOGLEMAIL.COM
Sun Nov 30 18:49:13 UTC 2008

Hi sw-list friends,...  Valerie, Natasha


first of all – Valerie – yes there are problems with the list – I do not get
all the postings either into my mailbox – hm – but I check the postings in
the sw- archive 




once a day – 


second: handshape question : stand – look 


Well Natasha – the good point about SW is that you have lots of options to
write as detailed as you want to. Just for the purpose of a clear and easy
to understand lexical entry it makes sense to at least add these fundamental
hand shape – orientations  ... and if you want – or if you feel more
comfortable you may want to add the somehow more difficult to read second
version with fingers  at a given angle  ( and now handwriting offers  any
degree – smile) 


Compared to photos or drawings our SW-notation is much more accurate – smile
-   but nevertheles – one thing is the spelling of the “Movement-Writing”  -
the other part is the “informed reader” – so if your reader is already aware
of what you want to express it should not be a problem ... 


I can read your first graphic for “Look”  without any problem. 

I guess that you do not want palm up/ fingers up -  in your second graphic
for fingers at an hinge –  “Stand “ ?? 


Stefan ;-)  




(my first posting did not come through – hm – hope this works) 


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