Problem: Puddle and 'invisible' symbols

MARIA AZZOPARDI maria.azzopardi at UM.EDU.MT
Wed Oct 8 09:22:50 UTC 2008

Hi Valerie and Steve,

When I use SignText and choose symbols from the Symbol List, sometimes the
symbols I choose and place on the editing box are invisible. That is, they
are there, but I can't see them. Then when I click the button for the sign
to enter in the column, the 'invisible' symbol can be seen again (in the

This has happened for a few weeks now, however I've been managing because
from the column if I clicked the re-load button, the 'invisible' symbol
would appear again and I could delete them where necessary. However, just
now I've loaded one sign from column onto the editing box to delete an
'invisible' symbol - and in this example I can't edit the invisible
symbol, because I still can't see it in the signedit box..even though I
reloaded it.

Hope this is clear enough, if not let me know I'll try to clarify more.



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