International SignWriting Alphabet (ISWA) in finished ; -)

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> SignWriting List
> September 4, 2008
> Dear SignWriting List:
> Today, Sept. 4, 2008, I finalized the International SignWriting  
> Alphabet (ISWA 2008).
> It has been a labor of love on my part for several years, and all this  
> year, in 2008, I have been working on it steadily. There are so many  
> variations of sizes and nuances of symbols when writing SignWriting by  
> hand, and it has been difficult, to capture all of those nuances in  
> computers all these years. The ISWA is our best attempt to date.
> Although there can always be another handshape here and there, needed  
> at a later date, generally I feel that the ISWA 2008 is a far better  
> symbolset that the currently used IMWA, and I am so happy that shortly  
> the ISWA will be available for use.
> Right now, Steve is still developing the new software. I completed the  
> ISWA at 2:00 this morning. Steve will help me check it for any  
> conversion issues, although I doubt there will be any problems, since  
> it has been converting beautifully all along...
> Now I am writing documentation teaching the ISWA. Attached is Chapter  
> 2 from the new ISWA Manual I am writing now, which has not been posted  
> on the web yet.
> Chapter 2 shows the 30 Symbol Groups of the ISWA (the visual mapping):
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