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Hello Janna!  Welcome to the SignWriting list!
I am sure you will learn signwriting fast - I know that I learned it in 1 month, and I was only working with the Internet -
nobody else around here uses SW.I hope you will let us know how you do this year and how the students enjoy it!

> Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2008 15:56:35 +0200> From: jamaru at> To: SW-L at> CC: > Subject: [sw-l] sign writing> > Hello!> > My name is Janna (20) and I work in Herr Wöhrmanns class in Osnabrück since 01.09.2008. I will stay for a year and I hope I can learn fast the sign writing.> In april 2008 I visited the class for one week, so everthing isn't new for me.> It is so funny and I am really happy that I can be there for a year.> Janna Ruhe> _________________________________________________________________________> In 5 Schritten zur eigenen Homepage. Jetzt Domain sichern und gestalten! > Nur 3,99 EUR/Monat!> > > > > > ____________________________________________> > SW-L SignWriting List> > Post Message> SW-L at> > List Archives and Help>> > Change Email Settings>> 

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