Signwriting Documents - another program?

MARIA AZZOPARDI maria.azzopardi at UM.EDU.MT
Tue Feb 24 10:48:15 UTC 2009

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone on the list has experience transferring long
signwriting documents into another program (such as DocumentMaker) and
maybe could suggest another program which is a little more flexible?

DocumentMaker is very good of course, however I am thinking in terms of
very long documents and one limitation in DocumentMaker is the following:
Say you have completed 50 pages, then whilst editing you realise you need
to add another column somewhere inbetween, say at page 25, if you add the
column there at page 25, all that follows does not change (because each
page is saved separately). It would be really good if there was a program
that allowed for this flexibility.

Thanks to all,



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