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Tue Feb 24 16:07:32 UTC 2009

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February 24, 2009

Hello Maria!
Thank you for this message.

DocumentMaker is certainly a limited little program. Although I have  
worked on a new version of the program, called DocumentMaker Pro, it  
is far from flexible enough for your needs.

But I will keep this message to be sure that I talk to the  
DocumentMaker programmer about this possible new feature someday that  
will let you insert a column and automatically move all the other  
columns forward...I am sure there will be a day when some program will  
be able to do that without you being forced to move all the columns  
forward one by one...Right now, I just do that busy work inside  
DocumentMaker.... I manually move the columns one by one forward,  
because I don't have any other choice...

As you know, in time SignPuddle will be adding book-layout features  
necessary to create books too...and perhaps that will be our answer in  
the future for 50 page documents that are all in one PDF...but we do  
not have that feature yet in SignPuddle...

The only suggestion I can think of is to setup your own formatted  
document template in Microsoft Word, or perhaps Adobe InDesign, which  
I prefer over Word, and use that program, which is also a lot of work,  
no matter what you choose...I have been working on textbooks right now  
in Adobe InDesign and I enjoy it and InDesign is a very professional  
program, but I have still had other frustrations, so I guess no  
program can meet all needs...

Good luck with your document, and I will remember your request for the  
future for DocumentMaker Pro...

Val ;-)


On Feb 24, 2009, at 2:48 AM, MARIA AZZOPARDI wrote:

> Hi all,
> I was wondering if anyone on the list has experience transferring long
> signwriting documents into another program (such as DocumentMaker) and
> maybe could suggest another program which is a little more flexible?
> DocumentMaker is very good of course, however I am thinking in terms  
> of
> very long documents and one limitation in DocumentMaker is the  
> following:
> Say you have completed 50 pages, then whilst editing you realise you  
> need
> to add another column somewhere inbetween, say at page 25, if you  
> add the
> column there at page 25, all that follows does not change (because  
> each
> page is saved separately). It would be really good if there was a  
> program
> that allowed for this flexibility.
> Thanks to all,
> maria
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