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June 8, 2009

On Jun 8, 2009, at 2:20 AM, MARIA AZZOPARDI wrote:
> Does anyone have a list of/ or know of any Universities/Institutions
> across the globe, where SignWriting has been adopted either in  
> research
> related to sign linguistics (where signwriting is used for  
> transcriptions
> of data; compiltations of dictinaries etc), or in research related to
> Education - where SignWriting has been adopted as a tool in the  
> Education
> for the Deaf? Many thanks, Maria

Hello Maria and Everyone!

Years ago, I made the kind of listing you mention...and placed the  
listing on the web...but then overtime, the listing became out of  
date, so I need to create a new current listing for you...

I can create a listing that shows the dates that it was used, but here  
is the REAL problem...I don't know who is using SignWriting around the  

There are literally hundreds of groups as far as I can guess, judging  
by my experiences...and most people do not join the SignWriting List,  
nor do they inform me personally, which is perfectly fine! No one is  
required to inform me or anyone else, since SignWriting is free to use  
all over the world...

So how do I know about any group using SignWriting? Some, like you, do  
participate with our List and with me...but other times, I bump into a  
SignWriting project that I did not know about, on the internet, or  
someone tells me later about their work with a is an  
amazing feeling to realize that it is spreading like that...thank  

Once I met a teacher of the Deaf who said she used SignWriting a  
little in her classroom, and the teacher sort of put down their usage,  
like it wasn't important...she then proceeds to show me  
piles....literally hundreds of hand written pages of SignWriting  
documents written by her was amazing and wonderful...But  
she would not give me permission to let me use her name or to make  
copies of her students' I would not be allowed to list  
her classroom on the getting permission to make such a  
list is also a problem for me sometimes...

So the problem is that I am not sure which current research groups are  
using SignWriting, but over the week here I will try to create a  
little list for you...

If there are groups here on the List that use SignWriting like Maria  
describes above, please tell us!

Val ;-)

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