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Who uses SignWriting in Poland?

University of Warsaw, Department of Polish -> students (from different 
majors) of Polish Sign Language courses and students of Postgraduate Polish 
Sign Langauge Studies

Instytut Gluchoniemych (Institute of the Deaf and Dumb - a Deaf education 
center with such a historical name) - > some junior high school students and 
her tutor, Dr Iwona Grzesiak

A few individuals, like me and some of my colleagues, for research and 
educational purposes.

There may be also people using SW I don't know about.
I know there is one student at the Warsaw Uniwersytet Kardynala Stefana 
Wyszynskiego who writes her MA thesis on SignWriting.


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> SignWriting List
> June 8, 2009
> On Jun 8, 2009, at 2:20 AM, MARIA AZZOPARDI wrote:
>> Does anyone have a list of/ or know of any Universities/Institutions
>> across the globe, where SignWriting has been adopted either in  research
>> related to sign linguistics (where signwriting is used for 
>> transcriptions
>> of data; compiltations of dictinaries etc), or in research related to
>> Education - where SignWriting has been adopted as a tool in the 
>> Education
>> for the Deaf? Many thanks, Maria
> Hello Maria and Everyone!
> Years ago, I made the kind of listing you mention...and placed the 
> listing on the web...but then overtime, the listing became out of  date, 
> so I need to create a new current listing for you...
> I can create a listing that shows the dates that it was used, but here  is 
> the REAL problem...I don't know who is using SignWriting around the 
> world!
> There are literally hundreds of groups as far as I can guess, judging  by 
> my experiences...and most people do not join the SignWriting List,  nor do 
> they inform me personally, which is perfectly fine! No one is  required to 
> inform me or anyone else, since SignWriting is free to use  all over the 
> world...
> So how do I know about any group using SignWriting? Some, like you, do 
> participate with our List and with me...but other times, I bump into a 
> SignWriting project that I did not know about, on the internet, or 
> someone tells me later about their work with a is an  amazing 
> feeling to realize that it is spreading like that...thank  goodness.
> Once I met a teacher of the Deaf who said she used SignWriting a  little 
> in her classroom, and the teacher sort of put down their usage,  like it 
> wasn't important...she then proceeds to show me  piles....literally 
> hundreds of hand written pages of SignWriting  documents written by her 
> was amazing and wonderful...But  she would not give me 
> permission to let me use her name or to make  copies of her students' 
> I would not be allowed to list  her classroom on the 
> getting permission to make such a  list is also a problem 
> for me sometimes...
> So the problem is that I am not sure which current research groups are 
> using SignWriting, but over the week here I will try to create a  little 
> list for you...
> If there are groups here on the List that use SignWriting like Maria 
> describes above, please tell us!
> Val ;-)
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